æternity æternity is a new blockchain platform, but it is also a vision for the future. This vision is being realized by a global community of believers, convinced in the disruptive potential of scalable, public blockchain technology. It is a movement that aims to propose decentralized, trustless alternatives to the existing governance, economic and financial intermediaries.

From a technological point of view, æternity is a public, open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing and digital-asset platform that builds upon decentralized cryptographic P2P technology. The platform is open to anyone, anywhere in the world to use.

Aeternity price usd candlestick chart.

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Aeternity price btc candlestick chart.

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Here is the current Aeternity price. You can check anytime how much exactly 1 AE is worth in many currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, GBP, JPY, etc. Refresh the page to check the price again.

Exchange from AE to all other coin:

ae =
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AE calculator:

ae =

AE price:

1 AE = 0.09606000 USD
1 AE = 0.07944000 EUR
1 AE = 9.92600000 JPY
1 AE = 0.07081000 GBP
1 AE = 0.08636000 CHF
1 AE = 0.12550000 AUD
1 AE = 0.12230000 CAD
1 AE = 0.17570000 BGN
1 AE = 4.98500000 PHP
1 AE = 1355.24000 IDR
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Data by CryptoCompare API