TX Accelerator

Transaction Accelerator

Well its not a mine stricly tool but i use it a lot and spread the word to use it why ??? to speed up bitcoin transaction!! Of course!! And is Free!!!
Follow this link

Transaction Accelerator

Its more simlpy to do than to explain… just add your Transaction ID, fill the captcha code and press SUBMIT.
You can submit any TXID that includes a minimum fee of 0.0001BTC/KB.
IF all slot to transaction acceleration are used, you can try starting next hour XX:00…

2 thoughts on “TX Accelerator

    • provablefair on said:

      I omitted the rest of your message saw something personal inside but yes i will try to help just you need to know pool site is not mine , is only a speeder tx i used often and spot are only 100 at start of each hour utc so i will try in next 3 min
      update : on my first try Submissions are beyond limit. Please try later. ..will
      try again in a hour try u too
      2nd update : Submissions are beyond limit. Please try later. .. again
      3th update : again missed sorry
      tryed and retryed but cannot stay here always each start of hour trying so i used also another system via antpool Accelerated Transactions need to wait to see if it works
      update tx is confirmed how much time was needed after i added in speeder ?? 24h 48 ?

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