Stake Roulettegame

The game is classic roulette but bets can be placed on any tile, but can’t be placed on the lines to split between outcomes.
There is only one possible green outcome, therefore reducing the house edge from traditional roulette.

The payout depends on prediction you made. Just enter in a bet amount, and place chip on any tile.

PS The house edge when play on roulette is 2.7%

Provably fair

To achieve Provably Fair Gaming use algorithms such as SHA256,and HASH MAC .
Random server and client seeds are generated, you can always change your client seed.
Before you specify your own seed, you are shown the SHA256 hash of the server seed that will be used alongside whichever seed you pick. Server seed needs to be changed to verify bet.

Use this Stake Roulette provably fair checker to check your bet, you just need to insert server seed , client seed and nonce

HOWTO:On Stake just click on a bet to open its tab then verify ( change seed ). Add data here :

Server Seed:

Client Seed:

Nonce (roll number):