All the transactions within ETTA Games are empowered by Smart Contract, it processes instantly peer-to-peer transaction without involving any middlemen. It means you don’t need to concern anymore the possible risk ever existing in centralized online gaming. Smart contract is a relatively transparent, conflict-free way compared to traditional practice, and its execution is managed automatically by the network.

No registration needed to play you need to install Metamask and create eth wallet address (remember to safe password and key to recover it ) its really easy and fast to do. But its an extension with access to any site so enable that only if you need it .

UPDATE: after issue on eth chain with high fee too ettagames staff made it with registration so now you can play with btc and eth

Provably fair

To achieve Provably Fair Gaming  use algorithms such as SHA256, Mersenne Twister and Fisher-Yates shuffle. These ensure the game cannot be tampered with.

Random server hash and client seeds are generated and you can always change your client seed clicking on provably fair button in game.

Like always i checked many bet but cannot add a provably fair checker (extenal here ) or say yes they are truely provably fair why ??? Becouse they dont show the initial shuffle deck to you (its in display:none with css in ettagame verifier page.)


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New year promotion

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