Goblins Diamonds

Goblins Diamonds is currently a minefield game.

On field map you see 32 box and can open as many as you can and escape before getting busted ( find a bomb).

Clicking a box goblin go to open it ,you can choose from 1 up to 31 box to be opened in a row and will receive a prize between bomb, silver, gold, gem,helmet. well with a bomb you die and will not win prize so to claim your winning need to end game.

The game

Start by selecting your bet then open a box be aware there are always 5 GEM, 9 GOLD COIN, 14 SILVER COIN, 1 HELMET, 3 BOMB. If you find a bomb you die and lose the prize but if you find a treasure inside next one will be worth more its upon you to click END to escape with prize. HINT if you find a helmet can go opening till next bomb you are safe.

Provably fair

To achieve Provably Fair casino royale algorithms such as SHA256-SHA512,.

Till game gobling is ongoing server seed is hidden you need to close / lose game to view it .

Use this casyno royale goblins diamonds provably fair checker to verify if your bet is tampered, you just need to insert Server Seed, Client Seed and box id ( can see this data  clicking on your past bet:

Server Seed:

Client Seed:

Box (roll number):