Rocket Boom game

Under the nice animation ( you can see all user bet same time on game map ), there is the a well known mine field game with a single bomb. The player is available to choose a tile to bet on top and change on each won round. The winning probability is 75%, so your payout is 1.32x for each game. You can add up your payouts as long as you survive.

Provably fair

First of all, for the provable fairness, RNG generates the list of hashes. Each element in the list is the hash of the previous hash. The first hash is generated by uuid4. Then the list is reversed so that it provides the consecutively verifiable hash list, i.e. hashing the current hash outputs the previous game’s hash. A bet SHA-256 hash is the Game Hash (SHA256) of previous bet so all bets are chained togheter and need to make a new bet if want to verify previous one as usual.

Use this ROCKET BOOM! provably fair checker to controll if your bet are tampered you just need to insert hash and seed

HOWTO:On Rocket BOOM! history just click on the magnify glass verification button, you will see the last bet you did. Add data here :


Game Hash (SHA256):

Boom! game checker