Casinoroyale faucet game

Casinoroyale is a multicurrency with faucet site game multicurrency  BitcoinBitcoinCashLitecoinDashDecredDogecoinEtherEtherClassicMoneroZCashRippleKomodoLISKQtumStratisWavesNEMNEOVERGEDigiByteTRONBytecoin  .

Strong point to start understand the site and how it works is the FAUCET
( You are eligible for faucet every 3 minutes, if you are out of balance.)

Received amount from faucet is:
BTC 0.000001, BCC 0.000015, LTC 0.00007, DASH 0.00003, DCR 0.00012, DOGE 1, ETH 0.000015 , ETC 0.00044, XMR 0.00005, ZEC 0.00005, USDT 0.003, XRP 0.007, KMD 0.003, LSK 0.0015, QTUM 0.0015, STRAT 0.0025, WAVES 0.001, XEM 0.04, NEO 0.0003, XVG 0.35, DGB 0.25, TRX 0.1, BCN 1

Casinoroyale offer game you can play as DICE , and GOBLINS DIAMONDS with a very well-designed interface which allows setting your preferred bets by sliding the slider (on dice game ) or clicking box( on Goblins mine field).
Too lazy to do all of the dice bets manually?’s offers a very smooth automated betting feature just for those times.


To play, simply enter your bet, pick a win multiplier, win chance, or a target number, then choose if you want to roll high or low.

Once you select a number, the dice will roll between 0.00 and 99.99, if the dice rolls your number, or higher/lower than your number matching the side you have chosen. You will win the amount shown on your side.


Its a minefield game ,enter your bet, and pick a box  ( click upon )  goblin will go to open it  you can find  a prize  coin ( silver or gold ) or a diamond … with a bomb you die and lose game

You will receive the prize specified but need to press end button to end the round


Follow the link and start play

Its a provable fair site where you can check all your bet.

Casino Royale game checker

DiceGoblins Diamonds

after i wrote to ADMIN and DEV checked they added in fair popup sha512 normal hash and Hmac so all is good and external checker works ..

What else you can find on
-chat with different room language and rain system

-RAIN. Rain rules are very simple and easy users with positive activity in the rooms and high gaming activity get free coins through the rain; Each user is eligible to cause manual rain, which will be randomly distributed among other distinguished games.

-tip to user

-Roll Hunting. User who’s willing to participate is paying certain amount of coins and gets involved in the competition , the winner of the competition is the user who hunts the numbers or certain digits sequentially (all patterns at once, in any order) first time and gets the accumulated pool , which is filled by other participants. Each game will have specific conditions like price for joining the game or the complexity or number of digits to be guessed, some competitions will have delay period, to make the pool bigger and more interesting;

-Jackpot on dice game.The Lucky Number is generated every day, which consists of two digits, each step is considered to be won if both digits of the lucky number are present in the roll number (the sequence of the digits does not matter). Each player is obliged to climb the Jackpot Heel subsequently, which consists of 8 steps, Jackpot starts from the 5th Step.

-Bank.Active multi account are restricted at CasinoRoyale, for keeping fund you can use Bank feature.

-an inbuilt exchange to change between all coins offered (just Caution! Please double check if the current exchange rate fits your needs, because exchange is an irreversible action.) , maybe on exchange min coin is a little too much to change (Minimal exchange amount is:
BTC 0.002, BCC 0.03, LTC 0.14, DASH 0.06, DCR 0.24, DOGE 2000, ETH 0.03, ETC 0.88, XMR 0.1, ZEC 0.1, USDT 6, XRP 14 ,KMD 6, LSK 3, QTUM 3, STRAT 5, WAVES 2, XEM 80, NEO 0.6, XVG 700, DGB 500, TRX 200, BCN 2000)
-Contest: Play as much as you can! Increase your total amount wagered and get closer to winning the main prize.
– Affiliate reward system , its a percent of house edge on every wagered amount of your referer, regardless of whether the bet is win or loss.