This is a helper made to use on BSAI simulator trading  and THIS is the page bsai on airdropcategory on my site .
HOW this can help you ? With this helper using a simple copy paste you will see the min amount to sell a coin bought to not be in loss. (bsai commission fee is 1.5%) so no need to calculate each time.
How to
From Bsai site MyAccount page select all Contest Transaction table from top left corner PAIRS to bottom right copy and paste here in textarea.
All SELL will be removed and if you see a buy you dont have anymore just click on the row and it will be deleted .

Copy contest transactions:


V3.1 – added screenshoot help howto and fixed warning code.
V3 – added live stream data on single coin same feed of bsai.
V2.1 – Add js to remove table row on click
V2 – Removed extra input + add css
V1 – Working helper.