Pundi X (NPXS)Most of the Blockchain today is far from ideal, with an over-emphasis on technology and the under-emphasis on creating real use cases. Pundi X’s philosophy is not only to build a technologically superior chain, but also one that has real-life application. A good Blockchain should have a user experience and performance that are way more superior than the current product in market.

And that’s what we have achieved with our Blockchain called f(x). Currently, f(x) is already up and running on internal test environment. And we will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of f(x). We will walk the talk with f(x). It will be a game changer with real use cases to support it.

Pundi X price usd candlestick chart.

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Pundi X price btc candlestick chart.

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Here is the current Pundi X price. You can check anytime how much exactly 1 NPXS is worth in many currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, GBP, JPY, etc. Refresh the page to check the price again.

Exchange from NPXS to all other coin:

npxs =
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NPXS calculator:

npxs =

NPXS price:

1 NPXS = 0.00038580 USD
1 NPXS = 0.00031900 EUR
1 NPXS = 0.04098000 JPY
1 NPXS = 0.00028420 GBP
1 NPXS = 0.00035380 CHF
1 NPXS = 0.00050480 AUD
1 NPXS = 0.00049140 CAD
1 NPXS = 0.00067330 BGN
1 NPXS = 0.01910000 PHP
1 NPXS = 5.45000000 IDR
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Data by CryptoCompare API