Usefull tools to any faucet site player if you need use it !!

-buy and sell help : with bittrex API check the percent change from previous day close and last value to see pump and drop fast and easy all togheter.
-bitcoin units converter : Helper tool to calculate bits, mbtc, satoshis, btc value exchange.
-Calculator : play safe you need a calculator of raise so you can know how many loss you can take when betting with your balance, base bet, payout and multiply value
-Calculator Labouchere : a Labouchere generator calculator of bet so you can know all step to bet.
-Countdown timer : There is always a need of a timer when you are playing on faucet game site… why ?? of course to know when your faucet is ready!!!
-QRcode address generator : generate your qrcode from address so can use it from smartphone app.
-Password Generator : A strong password is always needed to each site you register and MUST always be different from other site used password!!!
-Sudoku : Why a sudoku ???? to pass time.
-Transaction Accelerator : Its a tool to speed up bitcoin transaction!!

Here you can check the tools:

>>BUY and SELL HELP <<

>>Bitcoin units converter <<




>>QRcode address generator <<


>>Sudoku <<

>>Transaction Accelerator <<