Zcoin strives to increase individual liberty. By guaranteeing financial privacy, Zcoin can help ensure freedom of commerce. People should be able to transact however they want, as long as it does not infringe on the well-being or individual liberty of others. We are also big believers that freedom of commerce also facilitates peace and prosperity across countries and cultures. By guaranteeing financial privacy, Zcoin can directly guarantee fungibility, an essential property for free commerce.
Although there are many anonymity solutions out there for cryptocurrencies, it is our aim in providing the strongest level of anonymity that is possible without sacrificing usability, the auditability of our coin supply and relying on well established cryptographic protocols.

Zcoin price usd candlestick chart.

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Zcoin price btc candlestick chart.

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Here is the current Zcoin price. You can check anytime how much exactly 1 XZC is worth in many currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, GBP, JPY, etc. Refresh the page to check the price again.

Exchange from XZC to all other coin:

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XZC calculator:

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XZC price:

1 XZC = 4.97000000 USD
1 XZC = 4.00000000 EUR
1 XZC = 865.540000 JPY
1 XZC = 6.14200000 GBP
1 XZC = 7.48200000 CHF
1 XZC = 10.8700000 AUD
1 XZC = 10.6500000 CAD
1 XZC = 15.2700000 BGN
1 XZC = 433.150000 PHP
1 XZC = 116355.8800 IDR
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Data by CryptoCompare API