Bitkong game

BitKong is really easy to play! Basically its a path mine field. You see a BOARD with rows and cells, held by hands of BITKONG. Every row on the board is a step of the game.
To play you need only to choose agame level (EASY, MEDIUM, HARD) and select bet size or input custom amount; choose then one of the cells in first row which you think is winning cell. If you find a COOL!and a fruit you won and can keep going or take your win, if you see a TRY AGAIN!! with a poop you losed.

follow the link BITKONG.COM and start play

Free bitcoins

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Provably fair

To achieve Provably Fair Gaming say to use algorithms such as SHA256,.

Random server and client seeds are generated and you can always change your client seed in “VERIFY TICKET FAIRNESS” (consisting of 10 number,  “0” and “1” figures only).

Under VERIFY TICKET FAIRNESS , NEXT TICKET  you can see and copy in checker the HASH and CLIENT SEED of next bet ( this are showen to prove game is not tampered) so after playing can check fairness

Use this bitkong provably fair checker to verify if your bet is tampered, you just need to insert Server Seed, Client Seed and Nonce:

Work in progress - update seed + client + nonce

Server Seed:

Client Seed:

Difficulty :

Nonce :

2 thoughts on “Bitkong

  1. hello, I come to read your article, Thank you so much for best for best experience, I am try to solve equation of but not done to verify Hash >>>>> I am done and can do but for final result I can’t can you give me the right equation for final result? how I can handle server seed, client seed and nonce ? warm regards, Meruku

    • provablefair on said:

      Hi, Meruku im glad to see some response from visitor and really thank you, i followed the rule in game help like i always do for provable fair game, last played , next ticket and check position so after you sum up figures from “Server Seed” and “Client Seed” fields. use conversion table in check position and do like in EASY mode each chr with IF statement (if chr == 3 change it to 0 ) and , (if chr==4 change it to 1 ) this will give you a only 012 chr string so you can check the win and loss . Do the same to medium and hard level following conversion value and bomb (poop) change.

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