NEM (XEM) ‘s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. NEM’s permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers. And its revolutionary consensus mechanism and the Supernode program ensure that NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without ever compromising throughput or stability.

NEM price usd candlestick chart.

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NEM price btc candlestick chart.

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Here is the current NEM price. You can check anytime how much exactly 1 XEM is worth in many currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, GBP, JPY, etc. Refresh the page to check the price again.

Exchange from XEM to all other coin:

xem =
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XEM calculator:

xem =

XEM price:

1 XEM = 0.21980000 USD
1 XEM = 0.18180000 EUR
1 XEM = 22.8800000 JPY
1 XEM = 0.16200000 GBP
1 XEM = 0.19710000 CHF
1 XEM = 0.28670000 AUD
1 XEM = 0.27980000 CAD
1 XEM = 0.40400000 BGN
1 XEM = 11.4600000 PHP
1 XEM = 3105.77000 IDR
Data by CryptoCompare API
Data by CryptoCompare API