Tool to calculate how many loss you can take when betting with your balance using a martingala sytem

Calculator 6.5th version; What is the Martingale system?

HOWTO: Just fill the following form, base bet: is the starting amount you want to bet, balance (bankroll): the balance you are prepared to risk, multiply on loss: is the value you multiply base bet to each loss like 2 for martingale ,bet payout: its used to calculate the odds.

Base bet:
Value to Multiply on loss or to increase in % :
How many losses before multiplying?:
Bet payout/odds:

Try to use : 100

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Be aware that the martingale increases bets really quickly, and since it’s not certain that your next roll will win, always play with a balance that you can afford to lose.
v6.5 – changed logic, added hover balance popup on bet amount loss/win. Thanks boaler1.
v6.4 – Fixed logic on chart , added animation.
v6.3 – Added scale of axis x/y (Linear/Logarithmic).
v6.2 – fixed chart, moved max inside, added print version.
v6.1 – Added n. bet max on top table and chart.
v6 – improved logic, added limit 0.00000001 min, rounded value, thanks RealFuturistic.
v5.2 – added hint value to bet on payout x1 loss, thanks adamj5.
v5.1 – enabled input X or % with instant change with some bg color to understand it better.
v5 – addded field increase bet % under multiply now its disabled only for show and need to fix css.
V4 – added streak of loss before multiply with check data and error message.
V3 – removed all error of wrong insert / added error message.
V2.1 – added style to loss/win.
V2 – improved logic, added column loss/win.
V1 – full working calculator.